Spirit Healing Connections
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Dear Pamela,


My experience during two sessions with you was very unique.  I remember that for a while after the passing of my beloved nephew, I was very depressed and sad. However, after communications that I had with him and my other loved ones with your help I don't feel like I've lost any of them.  After I left your house, I felt full of positive energy for days.  I remember that after about a month I decided to have a second session because I needed some more of that positive healing energy.  I think that I would very much like to continue with our meetings regularly. 


Thanks a million



Pam is truly connected to the other side.  My first experience with her was so peaceful and heartwarming.  We did this by phone.  Pam has never met me, knew nothing about me, and told me “truths” that only I know.


Having said that, Pam told me my brother, who passed in 2002, showed me a bicycle.  She told me of his giggly personality—very giggly indeed, for that is who he was.  Happy and giggly all of the time.  He was passionate about his cycle.  My mother was wearing her typical apron, Pam saw my mom’s blue eyes and white short hair, and told me her personality was bubbly and happy.


Pam was in touch with my fiancé who passed suddenly six years ago—how his death was instant, that it was supposed to be that way—how he expressed through her to me his feelings of sadness for a period of time—that we had so many plans—things only he and I talked about, planned for, and discussed to the end.  He was a sensitive, yet sad person, when disappointed with his plans.  He was in another state than where I live when he died, yet our connection did not stop when his heart stopped.  Pam told me sensitive things that only he and I knew and shared.  No one else knew.


When these family spirits moved back to go, they each gave me a gift that only I would understand:  brother a bouquet of flowers—probably roses, since he raised them.  Mom gave me a pie—of course, because Pam already told me she loved to cook.  And, it was black raspberry and Pam described it perfectly.  My dad tilted his hat to me, and each had a message:  brother said I was planning to move to two possible locations and to be sure this time of where I wanted to be.  Dad said to slow down and watch my health.  He is right and Pam was accurate with all messages.


Pam does not know my family.  She said my brother’s name had a “J” in it.  She was correct.  His name is Jim.  She met each member and told me all about them and she knew nothing of my family.  She only knows my name.


If you want to feel the warmest peace for your loved ones, please connect with Pam for this wonderful loving experience that only you will understand to the depths of your soul and heart.  She was given this gift to share with us.


Blessings and peace profound.




"I was amazed by Pam's gift and ability to channel my spirit guides as well as a very important person in my life who recently passed away.  Pam was very respectful, understanding, and created a safe space for me to connect with my guides.  She believes wholeheartedly in her work and it shows.

I hope all is well with you.





 I had a reading with Pamela in which I asked several questions of regarding my deceased husband.  He has been gone for quite some time. Pamela’s description and information was delightfully accurate.  The comments she shared as to what he was desiring to share with me were poignant and beautiful.  I have felt his presence and guidance ever since the session.  Thank you, Pamela.


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