Spirit Healing Connections
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Welcome to Spirit Healing Connections!

 If you are in need of spiritual healing then you’ve come to the right site. This website is provided to help anyone who is in need of healing. This may be healing from the loss of a loved one or healing from a physical illness or injury. We all have the ability to be healed on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level if we allow ourselves. Healing, whether from the loss of a loved one, or a physical or emotional illness can be a long process.

My name is Pamela Pouzeshi and it is my heart and souls desire to be able to assist anyone in need of healing. I offer spirit medium readings, Reiki healing and chakra balancing/clearings. My healings are guided with the help of my spirit guides and we would be honored to help you on your journey to wellness during your healing process. We can all benefit from honoring the oneness of body, mind and soul, by allowing ourselves to heal.

Thanks for visiting!

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